Take These Travel Tips From Tampa’s Andy Berke To The Bank For Budget-Friendly Vacation

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Seeing the world isn’t exactly a budget-friendly venture. There’s a reason why so many of us scrimp, save and selectively choose a destination that ranks high on our personal “must-see” list. According to travel guide expert Andy Berke, of Tampa, the average price of an airplane ticket in 2017 was $354. While U.S. Bureau of Transportation statistics show that this total is actually a 0.3 percent decrease over the 2016 total, the average price soared to a record high of $404 as recently as 2014. All told, $400 could go a long way when spent on things other than travel. However, Tampa’s Andy Berke knows that we all need an annual escape. That’s why he’s gathered recent information released by top tourism news outlet Lonely Planet to help those on a budget find their way to a desirable destination. By heeding the advice in the “Best in Travel 2018” rankings from Lonely Planet, Andy Berke is certain that you’ll find the get-away that won’t break the bank.


Close to Home: For our readers in the U.S., the survey found that Arizona is an affordable escape to a state loaded with natural beauty that’s hard to find elsewhere in the country. For example, Lonely Planet ranks Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and the Grand Canyon as must-see stops. Given the heat in Arizona, it’s suggested that those considering this southwest state as their next stop travel in May or October.


Hopping the Pond: A flight from the East Coast of the U.S. to mainland England is about six hours long. That’s a negligible investment in time compared to the experience you’ll get overseas. According to Lonely Planet and Tampa’s Andy Berke, the allure of the United Kingdom can be attributed to affordable towns like York and Edinburgh – which are even more budget-friendly during summer months. Per the study, flights are expected to remain cheap until “a true picture of the post-Brexit landscape emerges.”


For Something Completely Different: If affordable culture shock is what you seek, then Hunan, China can be had for cheap. Among the sites to see during your visit, Lonely Planet and travel expert Andy Berke, of Tampa, suggests seeing the longest glass bridge in the world, located in Zhangjiajie. Other attractions include the town of Fenghuang, which “quite literally hangs over the Tuo River.” The survey notes that lodging, eating and transportation are supremely affordable compared to other regions of this sprawling Asian country.